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2023.11.14 Our Professor Jae Yeong Park received the IEC Thomas Edison Award

The Korea Agency for Technology and Standards announced that Professor Jae Yeong (Department of Electronic Engineering) of Kwangwoon University won the IEC Thomas Edison Award at the 87th International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) General Assembly last October.

IEC is an international standardization organization in the electrical and electronic fields with 89 member countries, established in 1906, and establishes international standards along with ISO. Within the IEC, there are 203 TCs (Technical Committees)/SCs (Subcommittees), 1,405 WGs (Working Groups) and 269 Project Teams, and approximately 20,000 experts worldwide are working on IEC standards. Working for work.

Professor Jae Yeong of Kwangwoon University began IEC international standardization activities in 2001, won the IEC 1906 Award in 2006, and this year received the ‘IEC Thomas Edison Award’ given to experts with outstanding international standardization activities. Professor Jae Yeong proposed and established 11 International Standards (IS) related to sensors and energy harvesting as a project leader, and led the establishment of the IEC TC 124 (Wearable Smart Device Technology) Technical Committee in 2015, and has been developing wearable technology since its establishment to the present. He serves as secretary in charge of proposing and establishing related international standards. TC124 is the second technical committee established by Korea under ISO/IEC, following IEC/TC119 (Printed Electronics Technology) established in 2011.

Professor Jae Yeong is leading the progress and establishment of international standards in the wearable industry and plays a key role in committee operation, including appointing the wearable technical committee chairman, finalizing the agenda, project management, and project progress advisory activities. He is also working to develop the wearable industry by leading international standardization through a close network with domestic wearable experts as well as global wearable-related industries, academia, and research institute experts.

The Thomas Edison Award is awarded annually by the IEC Secretariat to 3 to 5 standards experts who have achieved outstanding international standardization in the electrical and electronic fields or contributed to the development of related industries. To date, Korea has won the award twice, and this year marks the third time in six years. Such active participation and leadership in international standards organizations is expected to play a decisive role in the overseas expansion of Korean companies and products through the internationalization of our technical standards.Thomas Edison Award

Meanwhile, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) General Assembly, which was scheduled to be held in Cairo, Egypt, was held online due to the Israel-Hamas war, and Korea was elected as a member of the Board of Directors, the highest decision-making body of the IEC.

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