Clean Room

 Cleanrooms of MiNDaP Lab. are belong to fusion fab center of Kwangwoon university and located at Rm. 612 of Bima Build. Cleanrooms consist of the white room and the yellow room for research at the interface between bio and microtechnology. It contains several facilities for micro-fabrication, metrology and device characterization. Major pieces of equipment in MiNDaP cleanrooms include: spin coaters, mask aligner, surface profiler, wet etching station, RF/DC sputtering, oven, optical microscope. 

Air Shower Room Wet Station DC/RF Sputter Centrifugal Separater
Hot Press Auto Bate Electrochemical Analyzer Microbalance
Wet-Station DI Water Generator Mask Aligner (UV Exposure) Alpha-Step (Surface Profiler)
Spin Coater & UV Generator Spin Coater Digital Hotplate Programmable Hotplate
Convection Oven Low Pressure Plasma Generator Ultrasonic Cleaner Vaccum Oven
Electric Furnace Optical Microscope Vaccum Oven Ultrasonicator