Laboratories of MiNDaP Lab. are located at Rm. 607 Yeongu-build. and Rm. 609 of Bima build. labratories consist of experiemntal and research area for RF and microtechnology. It contains several facilities for computer aided design of 2D/3D structure, metrology and device characterization. Major pieces of equipment in MiNDaP labratories include: working space, network analyzer, impedance meter, LCR meter, vibration excitor, accelerometer, oscilloscope, oven, optical microscope.

Oscilloscope & Power Amplifier Vibration Exciter Function Generator & Acceleration Measurement Coil Winder
Electrometer Linear Motor Force Gauge 3D Printer
Probe station & Vibration Isolator Power Amplifier & Precision Materials Analyzer & LCR Meter Semiconductor Parameter & Analyzer LCR Meter
Network Analyzer Impedance Measurement Function Generator & DC Power Supply Oscilloscope
Wire Bonder Screen Printer Optical Microscope Optical Microscope
Convection Oven Solder Iron & Heat Gun Hot Plate