Welcome to the website of Prof. Jae Y. Park's research group in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the Kwangwoon University. Our mission is to advance the state-of-the-art in sensor and energy harvesting technologies. Our lab is currently focusing on RF MEMS, energy harvesting, energy storage, bio and electro-chemical sensors, lab-on-a chip, and implantable medical devices and systems. Next generation of system level micro-nano packaging (SIP, SOP, WLP) technologies are also being researched. 

In Advanced Sensor and Energy Research (ASER) Lab, IT, BT and NT technologies are integrated and applied to the development of creative materials, components, systems, and packages that will lead the next-generation new growth engine industries such as the information and communication industry, the renewable energy industry, and the bio industry. I'm doing research. For example, ultra-compact wireless communication components and modules for multiband / mode for next-generation mobile phones, mm-wave information communication components for applications in high-speed wireless communication systems, ultra-compact wireless sensor nodes that are key element technologies in the ubiquitous era, environmental sensing and disease Directly design and develop creative ideas in various fields such as physical, chemical and optical microsensors and lab-on-a-chips for diagnosis, energy harvesters and supercapacitors, SIP, system on a package technology We are actively conducting research to develop commercialization through production, measurement, and evaluation.

Major applied research fields

Research and development of next-generation new materials, components, systems, and packaging technologies using IT, BT, NT convergence technology